I am Cooper, but you can call me Coco, everybody does. I live in Sydney. You may be interested to know that I write this blog for myself more than anyone else, which is evident in the fact that my posts are really boring. Unless you are me that is, then they are like, really, really fun and interesting and worth reading! Cool!
I made an introduction post long ago, as I had not yet found out how to make this which you can see here. It is just about as uninformative as this is, but I used a better picture which was taken just an hour or so before that which I've posted above.
If you'd like to contact me, or maybe you'd just like to see my tumblr, or follow me on twitter? I'm not sure why anybody would say yes to that, but had you, I've provided some links below. I would have included my facebook, but I was like "No, some sick creep will stalk me and kill me!" so I refrained. See what you did, you sick creeps? You've ruined the chances of a cool stranger getting to go out with me. Not cool man, not cool.

Where are those links? Right here: twitter and tumblr.
I (sort of) hope to see you there!

I am open to receiving emails at my fashionista worthy email address:
I (sort of) can't wait to hear from you!

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