Saturday, 29 November 2014

Under Ice // Over Heat

prada, dries, manderlay, 18+, idk, liya, natalia, l'enfer, chloƫ and margot whatsherface by bill viola... xo NEOPRENESKIN XO

Ignoring that I've not posted in a, uh, while, I thought I'd get around to doing a little SummerBlog SummerCollage. Debatably the only good thing about seasons, for me, is collaging them. I can't I'm much of a beach babe. I went beaching no more than 5 times last year, a record number of days with sand in my hair and ass. That being said, it must be the separation anxiety from no longer living on the Northern Beaches (now Inner West) that I boldly bought a new swim suit from Rebel Sport. Only after making a small, ill-fated effort to find a CDG Speedo swimsuit online.

All that aside, I'm excited for the new year more than anything else I have a good feeling about it and I probably will not post again until then. Which makes me think, where do I vent nowadays ? My instagram is basically my visual diary, it's my baby, but I don't really write anything anymore. I need to keep this up, shitty collages and all. 

Monday, 28 April 2014

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Speaking Of

Speaking of being blonde lol, here are some of my selfies pasted on more ART ! Enjoy :)

 poussin and gauguin join in my fun @neopreneskin 

This Is (Not) A Comeback

 lucien freud on yves klein @neopreneskin

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted and probably even longer since my "i'm going to post more" post. I'll make no such promises now. Looking back it's funny what I'd write about like needing direction etc and while this is still true I don't feel the same urgency. Working on a short film with my friend Gus, going to 'fashion school', and being blonde may have something to do with it. #2014.  Either way, I hate myself a little less over it.
Whatever. I wanted to do a collage for the short film, a real mood board but noting was coming together. Instead I cut, copy and pasted together some favourite artists.

picasso and lucien freud @neopreneskin
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